How to Get the Best ROI from Selenium Frameworks

The demand for delivery the product/application within a short span of time in an efficient manner has increased the necessity of the test automation. Most of us have the question like, which tool will suit the requirements of the business purpose?  Which will require the less resource, yet can deliver the optimal result? Selenium is the answer for all these questions in the debate, let us see the reasons

  1. Supports Multi – OS and browsers 

Selenium is an essential test automation tool for web browsers. It supports all the browsers including Opera, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, there is no other tool will be more flexible when it works in cross browser testing. Selenium makes it easy to deploy different environments and system since it supports different operating system like Windows, Unix, and Linux.

  1. Open Source

Selenium has contributors groups and it provides the robustness of the tool.  Among the essential components that place Selenium over QTP or whatever another test automation tool is the major factor. A major automation tool is being used today are expensive when combined with Selenium as they incorporate licensing costs. Selenium can be utilized to meet the particular needs of an AUT, and it is the best fit for an organizations automation needs.

The access to an open source test automation tools teams develops the technology with confidence. Also, it helps in deciding whether they enhance their knowledge in Selenium Training or not.

  1. Language Adaptability

Building and utilizing Selenium test automation tool does not require your group to drop everything and take in another programming language includes C#, Perl, PHP, Groovy, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, VB Script, and an extensive variety of different programming languages can be utilized with Selenium.

  1. Friendly Features

The Selenium automation tool is good with various tools that empower a scope of features. Selenium is perfect with other programming languages and tools, which permits building and implementation of test automation into DevOps work processes. You can modify your test automation tool to be a correct fit for your AUT and company requirements.

In spite of Selenium’s flexibility, accessibility, and the convenience, utilizing it for test automation calls for vital planning and execution. To have the capacity to accomplish the objective of shorter time to advertise with high trust in the product developed, Selenium can be used to its maximum capacity just when the test automation team is driven by right approach and technique with the help of Selenium Course in Chennai.