British English vs American English

English language: British English, American English, Cockney English, South African English, Australian English, Southern American English etc. There are so many! Before we see the difference between American English and British English let you know one thing. Many British English speakers struggle with poor grammar usage and spelling than American English speakers.

Whether you speak American or British English, we will accept either as long as you remain consistent in the language.

The present guide will help you to find different aspects of American English and British English and additionally that will make your speaking skill and writing skill strength.

Although, we have different English languages. But we Indians obviously prefer British language to speak and learn. Spoken English Classes in Chennai will definitely help to speak English fluently.

British and American English Spelling Guidelines

  1. Words finishing off with – or (American) versus – our (British)
  • Neighbor versus Neighbor
  • Favor versus Support
  1. Verbs finishing off with – yze (American) versus – yse (British)
  • Analyze versus Investigate
  • Paralyze versus Deaden
  1. Verbs finishing off with – ize (American) versus – ise (British)
  • Organize versus Arrange
  • Realize versus Figure it out
  1. Things finishing off with – ense (American) versus – ence (British)
  • License versus Permit
  • Defense versus Protection
  1. Words finishing off with – er (American) versus – re (British)
  • Center versus Focus
  • Meter versus Meter

Let us see some more examples of American and British English

Cheque (British) Vs. Check(American)

Cancelled(British) Vs. Canceled(American)

Enrol (British) Vs. Enroll (American)

Maneuvre(British) Vs. Manoeuver (American)

Grey (British) Vs. Gray (American)

Usually, Americans speak and write English language differently than the citizens of England citizens.  The major difference between British and American English is Vocabulary. There are thousands of words that make our British English different than American English. British English is the language of our Indians. So learning British English is more important than American English. So get into the best Spoken English Class in Chennai.

For e.g.

British citizens call the front of a car as “bonnet”. But the americans call it as “hood”

The most noticeable difference between American and British English is vocabulary. There are hundreds of everyday words that are different. For example, Brits call the front of a car the bonnet, while Americans call it the hood. Americans go on vacation, while Brits go on holidays, or hols.

The past tense of learn in British English is learned or learned. But in case of American English is learned. The same thing for burned or burnt, dreamed or dreamt, leaned or leant.

The other difference between British and American English is auxiliary verbs. Auxiliary verbs are helping verbs.

For e.g.  “I shall go to home now” (American usage). But British citizens use “I will go home now”.

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