Top tools for Java developers

Today, Java is one of the famous languages than another programming language. It is additionally utilized by most of the developers for building desktop GUI application, web applications, mobile apps and web services. But the developers still need powerful frameworks, IDEs and development tools to compose the applications in Java quickly and proficiently. Every professional has their own way to choose over numerous Java frameworks, IDEs, and development tools as indicated by his particular needs. Below are the widely used Java frameworks, development tools, and IDEs.

Spring MVC

Spring is the most popular web frameworks available in the market. MVC (Model View Controller) is a software development paradigm and it supports the spring MVC. Even spring simplifies the programming tasks like web services creation, database integration, and security. Also, the developers have the choice to use the spring to create Java application in web-based that is deployed without the intervention of complex XML configurations. The features of spring include metrics, externalized configuration, and health check.

JSF (JavaServer Faces Technology)

As the official Java EE web framework, Oracle has developed JSF (JavaServer Faces Technology).  This framework was developed via the community of Java and it helps programmers to create server-side interfaces quickly. It enables the customers to develop websites quickly by splitting the presentation layer from the application logic. Programmers even utilize its UI component to connect the presentation and application logic. Without writing any extra coding, developers can utilize the UI component to make connecting the presentation and application logic.


It makes easy for developers to write server-side elements of web applications in Java. This framework used to integrate develop web UIs with HTML. Also, developers can use the customized HTML elements which are present in Vaadin for business purpose. The other different components that are used are the combo box, charts, Google Polymer library and data grids, Vaadin tools make the website mobile friendly and more interactive.

GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

The Google toolkit helps developers to create web applications more interactive when compiling the Java code into the JavaScript. Javascript supports most of the modern web browsers, so that enhances the website’s performance and accessibility.

Besides these tools, there are many tools available in the market. Make use of Java Training in Chennai and utilize knowledge from the Java experts in the leading Training institutes. FITA Academy is rewarded as the best in Java Course in Chennai by most of the reviewers.